Friday, February 22, 2013


Out feet are killing us!!! We have walked all over the lovely city of Rome and back. Each street gets prettier than the next. The little shops with people sitting outside, drinking coffee and eating and chatting, create an ambience that is full of good feeling. The little bakeries and stores are fun to explore. The monuments and historical aspect of the city are out of this world.

We're calling it "the boom factor". We're just walking along and minding our own business when "BOOM!" there's the pantheon or "BOOM!" there's the cat pit or "BOOM!" there's the Roman Capital.

This morning we toured the Vatican Museums with Paolo. There are really no words but I'll try. Room after room overflowing with beautiful paintings and sculptures and tapestries. One after another- Raphael and Michelangelo, contemporary pieces, and maps. Did you know that Raphael and Michelangelo were painting in the Vatican at the same time? Raphael actually respected Michelangelo very much even though they were rivals, he painted Michelangelo into one of his most famous frescos... Right in the front, while is own self portrait is within a group of other men in the fresco.

The Sistine Chapel was beautiful. Amazing to be there. You'll all have to take your girls back and see it yourselves. They might know enough now to do a mini-tour for you!

After the Vatican Museums we went over to Saint Peter's Basilica again and this time Paolo could add a dose of history. Then we drove back to the Roman Capital (the wedding cake is what we're calling it because it looks like one!) and had lunch and some free time.

Then we went to Saint John Lateran. On our way we walked around a rally of the people's movement because their elections are on Monday. The church was gorgeous and the rally was very interesting to see- a lot of people were out and about!

Now we are on our way to our final dinner together as a traveling family. We are grateful for each others company, shoulders to sleep on, friends to bond with, and the memories were making. Can hardly believe it's almost over.


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